Wednesday, 23 February 2011


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Friday, 14 May 2010

All Dressed Up & Ready To Play!

Here it is for you all to view,enjoy & Comment... Thanks everyone for all your support!

The Not So Altruistic Scientist - by Dan Tyler - A Student Film from Dan Tyler on Vimeo.
Here is my final film produced at Southampton Solent University. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment!

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Conclusion ~

I guess the easy thing to say would be that if I had more time, but truthfully I thing I have managed my time very well. I have produced a film with high end special effects, and high end CGI at I high quality render. If I did have a little more time I would have fixed the problems with the cloth simulation on the jackets, but to say the least I am very happy with the turn out of the tie, I’m glad I stuck with it and didn’t just paint a tie on him. I feel that it play a nice characteristic for Andy. It makes him more recognizable to the audience, along with his elongated feet and extremely thing figure.  I think if the time limit was longer in length I could have maybe composited the shots together much smoothly, as some are a little short which lets down the animation in some areas, such as the transitional, for example ; the Paparazzi chase on the live TV screen.
I am also pleased with the turn out of the transitional shots, it was exactly what I had drawn up from the start, I feel that I have achieved my targets and my aims for this film as a whole. I think if I had dialogue it may not have been as such a moody film as it is now.
The stylisation of the film is also exactly what I set out to do, it’s very much on the Film Noir side of things as well as a modern day look CGI animation capabilities of today.

The Analysis ~

Overall this film has very much come together, It has taken a long time to render the CGI (in fact, nearly 5 weeks of constant rendering!) and composite, but on a whole it is looking promising a dramatic and colourful, yet dark, animation that I truly hope people will recognize. I have produce a lot of special effects, as this really is one of the major factors in my film. As mentioned earlier, Without Adobe After Effects I would not have been able to produce my film. The lighting, the textures, the pace and the set all play upon each other to produce exactly what I had initially set out to produce as my final film.

With the use of After Effects I was able to paint frame-by-frame all of my liquids. This was a tricky task, but was far quicker than trying to produce liquids in 3DS Max! I had early on tried to self-teach myself ‘Real Flow’, near impossible if you have no understanding for the values set up in the programme. ...

Just about every object light was produced in after effects, such things as the Alarm (Above) and even the police flashing beacons. This again was a simple task compared to doing so in 3DS max... After effects widens possibilities of the effects within any type of film. 

I used such a variety special effects for the magic rays, including ray lights, various layering, lightning effects and even glow effects for the contact of objects spliced with distorted warp effects for an impression of floatation.